Frequently Asked Questions

〇About membership registration

Q1. Registered for membership, but I didn't receive an email confirming my email address ☆☆☆

・A1-1.When filling out the registration form, it is possible that your email address is incorrect.
・A1-2.Have you registered with your mobile email address? I would like it for a personal computer.
・A1-3.E-mail from this site, there is a possibility that is a junk e-mail handling.
・If you do not receive an email immediately after registering, the above may be the cause. Please check your correct email address and re-register.

Q2. Registered as a member, but I can't log in ☆☆☆

・A2-1 It is possible that membership registration has not been completed. Please log in on the login screen by clicking "Confirm member email address" in the "Information for confirming MMG Creative Net member email address" sent from this site at the time of registration. Registration is now complete.
・A2-2 You may have entered your membership number in your login ID. Please enter your registered email address.
・A2-3 Is there an error in the address input such as a half-width space when inputting?

Q3. logged in, but when I try to download it, I get an error saying "Please log in" ☆☆☆

・A3. It seems that the cookie setting of the browser of the personal computer is not set to "accept". Please refer here for details.

Q4. I am a free member, but can I accidentally download paid materials and be charged? ☆☆☆

・A4. There isn't. This site is not charged for downloads.

 (Free members will see different download items than paid members, so you will not accidentally download paid content.)

Q5. How can I change from a free member to a paid member? ☆☆☆

・A5. Please log in as a free member, click the "From free member to paid member" button from "Confirm / change member registration" in the menu column on the left side of the site, and proceed according to the procedure. (Credit card payment is required.)

Q6. Can I register as a paid member with a corporate credit card? ☆☆☆

・A7. You can also pay with a corporate card. Please enter the company name and the name of the person in charge in the name entry field on the payment page. (Open a half-width space between the company name and the person in charge)

(Example: Corporation MMG Create Yamada)

〇About download

Q1-1 I want to download it, but when I right-click it, "Save to target file" is not displayed ☆☆☆☆

Q1-2 I don't know how to download. Only blurry images can be downloaded. ☆☆☆

・A1. It seems that you are right-clicking on a place that is different from the "download button" displayed in text characters. Please refer to the explanation by clicking "How to download" in the left column of the top of the site.

Q2. Can free members download illustrator ai data? ☆☆☆

・A2. No, you can't. Only paid members can download ai data.

〇About the use of materials

Q1. Can I use the downloaded material for commercial purposes? ☆☆☆

・A1. Yes, you can. The materials on this site are mainly aimed at professional designers, so commercial use is also permitted. However, this site does not abandon the copyright of the provided material. (For details, please refer to "Terms of Service")

Q2. I would like to use the photo material as the cover of a public relations magazine. Can I use it? ☆☆☆

・A2. Yes you can. Our site photo is contributing to the cost reduction of production costs.
Since it was taken by our cameraman, there is no copyright problem, but we have not abandoned the copyright of the material. (For details, please refer to "Terms of Service")
(* Note) Please note that we do not have the right to portrait the building or person of the subject in the photo or other rights. (For details, please refer to the "Terms of Service".) If you have any questions, we will respond to your inquiries.

                       (Saturdays, Sundays, and festivals: Closed / am10: 30-pm5: 30)

Q3. Is it okay if I want to process the photo material or combine it with other materials? ☆☆☆

・A3. Yes, please process it freely.

Q4. Is it possible to provide customers with decorative frame materials as photo frames? ☆☆☆

・A4. Yes. It is possible. We cannot sell the material itself, but we do allow you to provide your photo in a frame made using our decorative ruled material for a fee.

Q5. I would like to use silhouette material for signboards, is that possible? ☆☆☆

・A5. Yes. It is possible. Please feel free to use it. However, it is not permitted to be used as a representation of a company's specific image or corporate identity.

(For details, please refer to "Terms of Service")

Q6. Is it possible to create and sell photo materials as a photo calendar? ☆☆☆

・A6. It is not permitted to sell products such as photo calendars with a price.
(We may ask you to purchase the photo. Please contact us.)

Q7. Is it possible to use the illustration material as a character or mascot? ☆☆☆

・A7. No, you can't. It cannot be used to represent a specific image or corporate identity of a company. Since many members use it, if you use it as a specific image, other members will not be able to use the content. Also, problems may occur with items used by other members in the past.
Please contact us before using. If we determine that there is no impact, we may grant exclusive use rights to the content.

(For details, please refer to "Terms of Service")