Purchase download points by transfer from a financial institution

●Purchase download points by transfer from a financial institution

  • After logging in, fill out the "Download Point Purchase (Financial Institution Transfer)" form below and click the "Send" button
  • From this site, since the copy of the contents of the mail that had you send from you will be returned by e-mail, please check.
  • After confirming the email, please transfer the amount equivalent to the points of the content you want to purchase at the financial institution. (Convert the displayed yen amount at a real-time rate and pay in euros, pounds, and US dollars.)
  • After making the transfer, please add the "membership number" and "registered member name" to the transfer form copy of the financial institution, and send it by e-mail or fax. (However, it may take some time to confirm payment by email))
  • After confirming payment, this site will enter the points equivalent to payment in the member information frame field of the member. please confirm.

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