〇Terms of Service

Please be sure to read before registering as a member.

1. Paid members / free members
・ Paid members: Members who pay the membership fee (monthly /¥100 =£0.6? pound €0.7? euro $0.9? us-dollar) with a credit card are considered as "paid members".
・ Free member: A member who is registered as a free member is regarded as a "free member".

2. Authentication of membership agreement at the time of registration
・ Paid members and free members shall read and agree to these terms before registration.

3. Membership fee /Paid menber fee= ¥100 =£0.6? pound €0.7? euro $0.9? us-dollar  per month (tax included)
・ Membership fee for paid members / Membership fee for paid members is automatically deducted from the registered credit card account with a monthly payment of ¥100 =£0.6? pound €0.7? euro $0.9? us-dollar(tax included)per month (automatic renewal).

Please stop the automatic withdrawal from the "from paid members to free members" menu on the site.
After the debit suspension measures, automatically it will be migrated to the free membership after the elapse of the effective paid membership period of one month.
・ If a paid member wishes to withdraw from the membership or if the membership is suspended in violation of the terms of this site, the membership fee will not be refunded.
・ When the site service is stopped due to force majeure (for example, when the Internet or power supply is stopped due to a disaster, accident or other reasons, or when an attack such as a virus causes the system to stop. and In case of suspension or destruction), we will not compensate or refund the cost to paid members and point holders.

4. Membership registration
・ In addition to individuals, you can also register as a member of a corporation or other group or group name.
Only the person in charge of registration can use it under the name of a corporation or other organization. (Even in the same corporation, organization, or group, only the person in charge of registration can use it. Please register for each user.)
In case of individual registration, only registered member can use it.

5. Storage of member ID and password
・ Please keep your registration ID and password in a safe place. We cannot guarantee the loss caused by the leakage of ID / password from the member side.

Please note that if a large loss occurs on this site due to leakage of ID / password, etc., warranty measures may be taken against the loss.
(You can change your member password in the member information field after logging in. Please change it regularly.)

6. Withdrawal
・ You can unsubscribe from the "Unsubscribe Procedure" menu after logging in.