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●Beautiful Japanese kanji terms for tattoos
Beautiful Japanese kanji terms(Spring)for Tattoos  

This content was created as a Chinese character material for tattoos. It is made from seasonal words (used in haiku) extracted from Japanese Saijiki. Illustrations and images are arranged in, the illustrations are "ai" data, and the images are embedded with high resolution JPG images. 100 yen members can open it with Adobe Illustrator and use it.
Office worker   Office lady   Office  
●Boards, Signs, Labels
Signboard (hand-held)   Boards, Signs, Labels  
●Design items, Finger signs, Symbols
Items for design production   Finger sign   Symbols  
●Hearts, Ribbons, Buttons, etc.
Heart   Ribbon   Button   Silhouette   Family crest collection  
●Computer, Phone, Internet, Transportation
Phone, mobile・FAX   Computer   Internet   Repair  
●Senses, Facial expressions
Face, facial expression   limbs   Appearance from behind   Love, peace   happiness   Grow   Unity, handshake   joy   Smile   Relax   Think   Trouble   Surprise   Run   dance   Play, toys  
Rules    Manners    tobacco   
●Housing, Living environment, Real estate related
Environment    Town planning    Cityscape    House, landscape    Construction and surveying related    Construction, design perspective    Real estate related illustrations   
●Cooking, Eating and drinking
Cooking    Japanese food / bento    Western food    Meal    Eating and drinking    Foodd-ingredients    Vegetables    Fruit    Bread    Cakes, pastries    Japanese sweets    Liquor    Beer    Drink    Seasonings, spices, processed foods   
Event    Big sale    Money, cash vouchers, gifts    Game   
●Accidents, Disasters
accident    Disaster    Fire    Flood disaster    Earthquake    Danger    Disaster prevention, disaster prevention goods   
Eco, energy saving    Recycling   
●Season, Nature
Spring    Summer    Autumn    Winter    Sun    Moon, stars, night sky    Sky, clouds, rainbow    Rain    Impressions of the sea, water and flames   
●Japanese Style
Japanese Style